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Note From A Happy Patient

Note From A Happy Patient

Dear Dr. Sussman,

I have been thinking of you a lot as of late. Wondering how you are doing. I almost picked up the phone to call you. I search high and low for "Great Doctors”, so when I find one, I hope to keep them for the rest of my life. Even though your work with me is done, I still kept you on my “Great Doctors List” for future references.

I want to “Thank You” for being there for me and just being a phone call away. It was a comfort to be able to speak with you when I had questions. “Thank You” for your compassion and caring. You are as awesome as your mother and I am honored to have met the both of you.

So, Dr. Sussman, I am enclosing coupons so that you can enjoy your favorite beverage, Sweet Tea. I wish you only the best life has to offer. I will miss you.


A. (Eastpointe, MI)